Proxima Srl confirms its commitment to meet the highest standards in terms of ethics and business integrity, as specified in the Code of Conduct, expecting all its suppliers to comply with similar rules and standards, by adopting behaviours always based on good conduct and corporate ethics.

Fair Working Conditions and Child Labour

The Supplier has to ensure fair working conditions and in particular he has to: • Refrain from any form of employment discrimination based on sex, colour, race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, political affiliation or sexual orientation; the Supplier must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to employment discrimination;

Avoid any form of work or service imposed under threat of sanctions; Use only regularly employed and insured staff, as required by law; Employees compensation must be fair.

The supplier has to correspond a proper compensation, according to the standard required by the current regulations on remuneration and / or comply with the provisions of collective agreements in force; where these do not exist, the supplier remains liable to correspond a wage that guarantees a decent sustenance, freedom and dignity for employees and their families.

Commit to control working hours, including working overtime, so that they do not exceed the weekly hours limits required by law; The supplier must prevent child labour in any phase of his work, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations;

human rights

Proxima Srl requires its Suppliers to observe: Respect personal dignity, privacy and the rights of each individual; Refuse to employ or force someone to work against his will; Prohibit improper behaviours, such as the use of gestures, language and physical contacts which could be sexual, coercive, intimidating, offensive or related to any kind of mistreatment.


Health and safety at work

The Supplier shall guarantee a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees.

Environmental responsibility

The Supplier undertakes to ensure environmental protection; he commits to carry out his business activities being environmentally sustainable and always respecting existing rules and laws.

Business ethics

The Supplier is required to carry out his business activities in accordance with the principles of corporate ethics and all the rules and regulations respectively in force. In particular, he has to: Refrain from any form of extortion and bribery; The Supplier must preserve the confidentiality of all sensitive information received by Proxima Srl and its business partners, regardless of whether there are of specific non-disclosure agreements.

business continuity planning

The Supplier will strive to keep practices and policies intended to minimize exposure to risks related to terrorism, crime, business threats, pandemics, natural disasters and events of considerable magnitude.

subcontractors procurements

Upon request, the Supplier shall be able to give confirmation that all its subcontractors providing goods and services to Proxima Srl operate in full compliance with the provisions of Proxima Srl Code of Conduct for Suppliers.